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A Reappraisal of the Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals are a critical tool for managing employees, but they often end up creating more harm than good. Through a review of industry and academic research plus professional experience, I believe there are several reasons that account for this phenomenon. Reviews are perceived as critiques wherein employees are put on the defensive and often […]

The Power of Engagement: Boosting Productivity at Creative Agencies

Employee engagement continues to be a critical driver of organizational success. Gallup’s 2023 Global Workforce survey underscores the impact engagement has on productivity and profitability across industries. As management consultants focused on creative agencies, these latest findings highlight opportunities for agency leaders to improve engagement and performance. Key Gallup survey highlights for the US and […]

Leadership Inspiration from an NBA superstar (who lost)!

I believe building and running a design or branding agency is in many ways like leading a professional sports team. Both are team oriented, employ highly skilled, motivated individuals working under constant pressure to ‘win’ against similarly constructed competitors. There are numerous styles of leadership that owners, founders, and senior executives can employee when guiding […]