Don't Just Manage: Lead

Manageable is a specialized consulting firm catering to design practices and media professionals. We focus on performance management, business strategy, leadership coaching, and change management.

Unlocking Success through People Management

At Manageable, we’re your partners in achieving excellence in people management. We work hand-in-hand with agency founders and leaders who are passionate about delivering top-notch results for clients while fostering a nurturing environment for their teams to excel.

Why Partner with Manageable?

Creative leaders turn to Manageable when they face people management challenges, such as performance issues, employee retention, leadership development, team synergy, or the need to adapt to a shifting business environment.


Performance management is the backbone of any thriving business. Our mission is to collaborate with you to set clear performance goals, design custom evaluation programs, and align them with your unique organizational culture.


We understand the ever-evolving creative industry inside out. Our industry-specific insights empower you to spot growth opportunities, enhance your market positioning, and craft winning strategic plans that will engage your staff and delight your clients.


Leadership isn’t a trait; it’s a learned skill. To that end, Manageable offers personalized, one-on-one leadership coaching programs that sharpen your team’s leadership abilities, elevate emotional intelligence, and refine communication skills.


In the creative agency realm, change is constant. Whether it is revolutions in tech, evolving client demands, or shifting employee expectations, Manageable can be your guiding light in navigating this dynamic landscape, ensuring you and your team navigate change effectively.

At Manageable, we’re committed to elevating design firms and media professionals by optimizing performance, crafting dynamic business strategies, and supercharging leadership capabilities. Our industry-specific expertise enables us to provide bespoke solutions that tackle the distinctive challenges and opportunities creative professionals face head-on.

What They Say

I've had the privilege of knowing Doug as a client, colleague, and competitor. He excels at developing teams and fostering shared consensus around a collective passion for what an inspired team can accomplish. He emphasizes the importance of each player's role within the team as well as fosters a shared understanding of the business’ mission, values, and culture.

Lee Hunt

President, Lee Hunt Associates

With his extensive creative leadership experience and media business acumen, Doug understood my professional challenges and provided invaluable guidance. From day one, he listened attentively and offered support in both the big picture and specific day-to-day challenges. Doug has been a trusted mentor and guide throughout my career journey.

Tony Kadillak

EVP Business Strategy/Versus NYC

Doug consulted our leadership team for six months during the pandemic to help assess our work style and culture to better cope with issues regarding WFH and team communication. His insights carried weight and saved us valuable time typically spent on consultants grasping our business and marketplace. Doug simply understands it all.

David Herbruck

President Loyal/Kaspar NYC

About Doug

Doug is a seasoned expert in organizational management with over 35 years in the entertainment industry. As the Owner/Principal of Manageable Solutions, Inc., and formerly Creative Director of one of New York’s most recognized media outlets, he now focuses his extensive expertise on aiding creative agencies. Whether the challenge is improving leadership skills, capturing new business, or elevating profitability, Doug’s strategic vision and recognized excellence make him an invaluable partner for your organization.

Doug’s rich experience in managing and creatively directing teams is now channeled into coaching leaders within the creative sector. His approach is rooted in evidence-based practices and aims to foster a culture where employees and leaders are synchronized in achieving business objectives.

Leveraging his recent MBA with a focus on organizational behavior and HR, Doug offers you holistic, results-focused strategies. These insights are honed from decades in the industry and recognized by numerous awards, including New York Emmys, BDA, Promax, and CTAM Awards.

We Help You to Skill Up

Whether you're looking to refine leadership capabilities, manage your team's performance, or implement an effective business strategy, Doug provides tailored solutions to guide your agency. Connect with Doug to explore how he can bring his award-winning experience to your business.